Honors and Awards

Albert H. Krehbiel, American Artist and Impressionist

Illinois Supreme Court Murals

Albert H. Krehbiel, American Impressionist

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Albert H. Krehbiel, American Impressionist and Muralist

~ Honors and Awards ~

  • Awarded American Traveling Scholarship to study abroad by The Art Institute of Chicago in 1902. Krehbiel enrolled at at Academie Julian in Paris, where he studied from 1903 to 1906 under Jean-Paul Laurens.
  • Won four Gold Medals for painting (the most ever awarded to an Krehbiel Gold Medal from Academie Julian
    Academie Julian
    Gold Medal
    American) and five cash prizes for drawing and composition, Academie Julian, Paris, France, 1904-1906.
  • Awarded the permanent placement of a painting on the wall of Academie Julian, Paris, 1905.
    Had two of his neoclassical works selected by jury for exhibition at the prestigious Salon Des Artistes Francais (also known as the Paris Salon - See next paragraph)**, Paris, 1905.

    **(Beginning in 1737, an annual exhibition of art works was selected by jury and presented by the French Academy; it was originally held in the Salon d'Apollon of the Louvre. Until 1863, it was the only major public art exhibition held in Paris. The Salon is still in existence and is organized by the Societe des Artistes Francais.)
  • Awarded the highly coveted Prix de Rome for painting, Paris, 1906. Krehbiel's Four Gold Medal from Academie Julian
    Krehbiel’s four gold medals
    won at Academie Julian
    The prize is awarded annually by the French government, through competitive examination, to students of the fine arts.
  • Mural commission, wall of the Chicago Juvenile Court Room, 1906.
  • In a competition consisting of 22 artists from throughout the United States, is unanimously awarded by jury the commission to design and paint the eleven wall and two ceiling muralsWall Mural at the Illinois Appellate Court
    "Law and Equity", wall mural
    in the Fourth District
    Illinois Appellate Court
    Springfield, Illinois
    for the Illinois Supreme and Appellate Court Rooms at the Illinois Supreme Court Building, Springfield, 1907.
  • Awarded the William Ormond Thompson Prize, The Art Institute of Chicago, for The Snow Covered Road, Illinois landscape, 1919.
  • Awarded the Martin B. Cahn Prize, Painting by a Chicago Artist, The Art Institute of Chicago, for Wet Snow in the Woods, Illinois landscape, 1922.
  • Awarded the Clyde Carr Prize for Landscape, American Artists, The Art Institute of Chicago.
  • American Artists Exhibit of Landscapes Award, The Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Awarded the Municipal Art League Prize for Landscape, Chicago Artists, The Art Institute of Chicago.
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