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Albert H. Krehbiel, American Impressionist

Albert H. Krehbiel, American Impressionist and Muralist

~ Historical Photographs~

Krehbiel studying in Holland as a young man.
Albert Krehbiel (right) with fellow Academie Julian
student and traveling companion Joseph Raphael.
Laren, Holland, summer of 1903.
Krehbiel painting mural in his studio
Krehbiel painting the Illinois Appellate Court ceiling mural.
Park Ridge, Illinois, 1910
Krehbiel in 1910
Albert H. Krehbiel, 1910
Krehbiel painting the Illinois Supreme Court ceiling
Krehbiel working on the Supreme and Appellate Court murals.
Park Ridge, Illinois,1910
Krehbiel by completed Illinois Supreme Court Mural
Krehbiel posing by a completed
Illinois Supreme Court Building mural.
Circa 1910
Krehbiel instructing an outdoor painting class, 1924
Krehbiel instructing a painting class outdoors.
1924, Edgebrook, Illinois
Krehbiel deciding on a scene to paint.
Krehbiel deciding on a landscape scene to paint.
Park Ridge, Illinois, Circa 1920
Krehbiel at his art shed.
Krehbiel by his art supply shed.
Saugatuck, Michigan. Circa 1940
Krehbiel in his Saugatuck, MI studio'
Krehbiel in his AK School.
Saugatuck, Michigan, 1940
Krehbiel shortly before his death in 1945
Albert H. Krehbiel,
shortly before his death in 1945

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