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Albert H. Krehbiel, American Artist and Impressionist

Krehbiel Corporation

Books and other resources about Albert H. Krehbiel and contact information for the Krehbiel Corporation promoting his work.

Albert H. Krehbiel, American Impressionist

The Krehbiel Corporation


The Krehbiel Corporation was formed in 1981 to manage the remaining artwork assets of Albert H. Krehbiel, and to promote his name and works. Officers of the Corporation are Albert Krehbiel's four grandchildren.

The Krehbiel Corporation may be contacted by phone, letter, or electronic mail. Click here if you would like to create a web link to the Albert H. Krehbiel fine art website.


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  • 4655 Sunburst Road, Carlsbad, California 92008 USA
  • (858) 922-6648
  • email: info @

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Although we have tried our best to electronically capture the beauty, delicate color, and brilliance of Krehbiel's work, nothing compares to seeing the actual paintings. In the same way, even a great photograph of a sunset does not compare with the actual event. We hope you will take the time to explore Krehbiel's artwork in person. It is well worth the effort. And thank you for visiting Albert H. Krehbiel's web site!


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Personal note from this website's creator/developer, and a Grandson of Albert H. Krehbiel:

I HAVE BEEN GIVEN A GREAT GIFT!  Now, at over 60 years of age, I have finally realized the artistic genius of this man whom I never met; my Grandfather.  During this labor of love creating this website in honor of our Grandfather and his artwork, I have come to know him and have become truly amazed, inspired, and humbled by his talent and relentless focus on artistic perfection. It is absolutely incredible what Albert Krehbiel accomplished during his lifetime of painting resulting in beautiful impressions of our world during a bygone era.  His paintings are truly a joy to behold.  I realize now how privileged I am to be his Grandson and to have this heritage of fabulous artwork that I've taken for granted for most of a lifetime.  I hope our family's simple website in honor of Albert H. Krehbiel and in recognition of his talents and abilities will be a blessing to you and others who visit.

In closing, I would also like to thank Donald T. Ryan for his assistance with an earlier version of this website.  His efforts organizing and documenting Albert H. Krehbiel's life and works are sincerely appreciated.

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