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Mural for the wall of the Chicago Juvenile Court (from black and white archive photo)

1906, Chicago, Illinois

"While maintaining a full-time teaching schedule at The Art Institute in 1906, Krehbiel received the commission to design and paint the mural for the wall of the Juvenile Court Room in Chicago. The scene depicted in the Juvenile Court mural appears to express the carefree joy of youth in a lawful, independent, and free land. The farmer tending his field in the background seems to represent the opportunity for all to prosper in a nation founded on the principles of democracy and free enterprise, while the adults in the left background overseeing the children reflects the importance of family values and parental supervision." 2

2 Albert Henry Krehbiel (1873-1945), American Impressionist, Muralist, and Art Educator, by Donald T. Ryan, Jr.; The Krehbiel Corporation, 2001